I was born in the Netherlands, where I grew up and worked my way through university and polytech.

I moved to England where I met my first wife.  

We got married, and as her secondment ended, I followed her to Chicago, Illinois.  I designed a house there and did the general contracting and all tile and paint sub work.  

Fifteen years later, I had my own consulting company and a failing marriage: my wife and I had grown apart.  We sold the house and separated.

I sold my company and moved to Portland, Oregon where I found new love and a new life.  I married and am now the part-time father of my wife's now fourteen-year old son.  

I joined Amazon in Seattle, Washington and after daily flying up and back each by Alaska Airlines, 3 1/2 hours commuting each day, my wife decided I was damaging my health and moved up to Seattle.  Half a year later we found an awesome home, and moved in.

Life is strange, but ever getting better.